Need Your Suggestions


After 3-1/2 years on the road, I am confident the following observation is a real (as opposed to imagined) occurrence. I’ve also discussed this with other RV’ers and they confirm my findings. All I lack is a term to describe this phenomenon.

Here is a description of the regularly occurring event:

two-lane-roadImagine I’ve been driving for at least a half-hour on a two-lane back road. I have not seen a single car coming towards me from the opposite direction or behind me. Just as I see an oncoming vehicle, I am certain to spot one behind me. (As an aside, there seems to be an unwritten rule of the road that any vehicle behind an RV must pass it. The relative speed of the vehicles is not a factor. The compulsion to pass an RV — the absolute necessity to not be behind a Winnebago — is imperative.) As to the two-lane road,  it does not matter which state I’m, nor does distance from an urban or suburban center affect the outcome. You with me so far? OK, now imagine I spot a lone bicyclist ahead pedaling in the same direction as I’m traveling. Lo and behold, sure as the sun rises in the East, I am virtually assured to also see a vehicle coming towards me. Then, sure as the sun sets in the West, just as I’m passing the bicyclist, the oncoming vehicle and my RV will pass each other at the very same time.

I’ve also discovered that this event is not necessarily restricted to RVs and bicycles. For example, when I’m walking my dog, Missy, along a paved path in nearby Floral City, FL, I can go for about a half-hour or so before spotting an oncoming bicyclist. When I turn around to glance behind me, I’ll spot a bicyclist approaching from behind. And when do the two bicyclists pass me? At the exact same time, of course. At least when I’m on foot, I can (and do) step off the path to get out of the way. Bike riders being passed by vehicles don’t typically have the option of getting off the road. Under the “share the road” model, they probably wouldn’t if even they could.

In addition to other RV’ers, The Dame can collaborate this singularity. While traveling with me through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, she witnessed this event several times. I seem to recall that by brainstorming, we came up with a suitable alliterative label for this event. Truth be told, I can’t remember what it is.

This is where you guys come in.

I need your help coming up with a catchy phrase to describe this recurring experience. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I love hearing from you. It makes me feel as if I'm traveling with friends.

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