What I’ve Learned My First Year

Because some of my friends have expressed an interest in RV’ing for an extended period of time, I’ve made a list of the Top Five actions I highly recommend taking before embarking upon your adventure. This information is based on experience.

  1. Immediately take an RV driving class.
  2. Then go to RV “Boot Camp”. Escapees offers an excellent introduction.
  3. Join several groups and participate in their activities. The groups I’ve enjoyed include Escapees, with its BOFs (Birds of a Feather) special interest groups, including Solos, the Escapees Single Club; RVW (RV’ing Women), the group I’m currently traveling with up the East Coast; LOWS (Loners on Wheels), as long as you don’t hook up with anyone; and WINS (Wandering Individuals Network), comprised of active people who hike, kayak, dance, do a lot of boondocking (“dry” camping with no electric, water, and sometimes no garbage disposal), and are allowed to retain membership even if they form a couple.  Within these groups you will meet like-minded people who will help you fix some of your many breakdowns (both figuratively and literally). They also provide support, sympathy and stories of disasters that can top yours.
  4. Carefully calculate your total projected costs. Then multiply by 3.
  5. Figure that virtually anything and everything that needs repair/replacement/updating can be done so with a great deal of time, money and inconvenience.

Any questions?


4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned My First Year

  1. Karel: You are my shero (old feminists such as I never die)! Your fortitude and tenacity are amazing. Roberta

  2. I’m curious! It certainly DOES seem like you’ve had a lot of repairs. Is that more likely due to the “luck of the Irish” in the RV that you just happened to purchase, used, and presumably an older RV or is it quite common regardless of the age or condition of one’s RV? IE, even newer RVs experience this constant amount of trouble and needing repairs? Gosh, you’ve certainly “paid your dues” by now, haven’t you?

  3. Karel, I am so glad you found those groups. It sounds like they are like my Meet-up Groups–only for RV’ers. So much more fun to do things with others and always able to retreat to your RV when you have had enough people time. You are a real trooper. I always look forward to hearing about your adventures.


I love hearing from you. It makes me feel as if I'm traveling with friends.

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