Good News: Car Totaled

smiley faceJust received a phone call from the car repair place informing me that my insurance company intends to declare my car totaled. Although it might seem odd to declare this as “good” news, it is absolutely good news to me.

I plan to buy another used Smartcar ASAP because it is one of the very few models that (1) can be towed four wheels down and (2) is light enough for my small RV to pull.

Also plan to see a poodle puppy this evening. The first one I saw would not come to me and when the owner put him in my lap he immediately jumped off. I left without him for the same reason I don’t like online dating or applying for staff positions: I don’t need to pay for rejection when I’m accustomed to being rebuffed for free.


5 thoughts on “Good News: Car Totaled

  1. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons… for instance, you might find a car that is a color you like better?

  2. Good News Friday:) Congrats on the car!! Now you can look forward, with a whole new
    learning curve. What a girl! Hope you find that special car soon. In regards to a Poodle pet~~
    I’ve found that some poodles are smarter than people, but you probably already know this.
    Hope the air is wonderfully fresh and the weekend beautiful for you. Shabbat shalom, Nancy
    p.s. Keep me notified about poodle pup.

  3. Karel: That is good news, probably the best news for your situation. You are absolutely right about the poodle. When we were looking for our dogs, one immediately jumped in Tim’s lap at the breeder’s home. That was the end of the story. We bought the two of them immediately. They have turned out to be the friendliest companions we have ever owned. Good luck. Roberta

  4. You crack me up! Just a hint, you might want to find an adult dog. A puppy on the road, wow, that’s a lot of work training. Just a thought, although Daisy Doo has been RVing since she was 12 weeks old; it can be done.
    Pam :0)

  5. Hi Karel,

    Glad to hear the good news for you! I didn’t know how your car was damaged. You weren’t hurt, right? Certainly hope not.

    You’re quite funny. Please keep the communication coming.

    Love, Lew

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