Where am I?
In Sacramento parked outside the home of a friend (Linda Paoli, Joe’s widow).

How long will I be here?
Only a few more days. A neighbor has already had me cited for parking my RV on the street.

Where am I going next?
I plan to remain in the Sacramento area while I figure out what’s going on with my Smartcar.

What’s going on with my Smartcar?
The car is still in the repair shop in Davis. State Farm came out, looked at the exterior, and came up with an estimate. Then the repair shop took the car apart and has called State Farm back to look again and come up with a new estimate. I’m still waiting for State Farm to show up for the 2nd time (not that the repair shop, which charges a $50/day storage fee, has been any too prompt in calling State Farm).

Will I replace the Smartcar if it’s totaled?
Yes. I’m figuring it will take at least a week to buy a used car and get it hooked up properly.

Will I repair the Smartcar if it’s not totaled?
Yes. I’m figuring it will take at least a month to have it repaired and get it hooked up properly.

What will I do in the meantime?
Camp in the Greater Sacramento area from now until late October. Then get together with NOR-LOW (Northern California chapter of Loners on Wheels) in late October in the Gold Country (Plymouth, CA). Next up will be a return trip to the San Francisco Bay Area to have the RV transmission repairs double-checked. Then on to the LA area to pick up my winter clothes. Then continue south to arrive in San Diego mid-November to have a few modifications to the RV done; keep some doctors’ appointments; and celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents and son.

What if my car isn’t repaired by the time I head south?
I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

What am I doing After Thanksgiving?
Taking my 88-year-old Mom on a quick road trip to Palm Springs.

And then?
Heading west (Nevada & Arizona) with – I hope – Cousin #2.

Call State Farm. Now.

Call State Farm. Now.

How am I coping with the setback(s)?
I keep repeating: “I just have to get through this. I don’t have to like it.” That, plus watching DVDs of Season 3 of The Walking Dead. I’m finding it strangely satisfying to see zombies shot and bludgeoned and stabbed and in general having their heads bashed in. And oh yes, I’m also drinking, although most days I do wait until 5 p.m.

Do you regret your decision to take to the road?
Not at all. I’ve just been experiencing some temporary setbacks, which is part of the Big Adventure.  

5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Karel: you are my hero or is it shero! I so admire how you take a lump and keep on rolling. I don’t have the fortitude to live your adventure so I’m enjoying it vicariously.Travelling mercies, my friend

  2. I presume you are aware that your ins. company (normally) is responsible for providing you a substitute car until yours is ready (or issue resolved). You’ve got fortitude!

  3. Karel, I think I know why you have had some unexpected mishaps with your internal guidance system. After Thanksgiving and taking your Mom to Palm Springs you mentioned that you were going to head WEST to Arizona and Nevada. The Pacific Ocean is to your West. The desert, Arizona and Nevada are to the EAST. Blue Pacific – West; Brown Sand – East. Enjoy Thanksgiving wherever you wind up!

  4. Well, you answered ALL my questions! Got excited when I read the AZ part. I hope you plan on seeing us in Prescott, although the puggies are still a wee bit peeved at being called butt ugly. :0) Oh, and by the way I LOVE The Walking Dead. Jeff and I had a season 3 marathon on Netflix Saturday and were ready to fight those zombies Sunday with the premier of season 4. It was sooooo good; mind you I watch it with a blankie ready to throw over my head in the scary parts! My secret crush is Daryl. Isn’t that sick, a 60 year old lusting after a 30 year old! I told Jeff if the zombies do come I don’t know how well a 60+ year old man will do, I might have to trade him in on a newer, zombie fighting model. Happy Trails, Karel. I love reading your blog.

I love hearing from you. It makes me feel as if I'm traveling with friends.

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