“My food bowl is only half-full. This might be my last entry.”

(Quote from the Sad Cat Diary on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKffm2uI4dk)


Snow is forecast for later today. This morning my heater would not start. $1 foot-heater from Cousin #2 bought at a garage sale may be all that keeps me from freezing. Food supplies getting low. Down to peanut butter & jelly and canned tuna. No bread and out of mayo. May be impossible to eat food on hand. Books in Lodge primarily Dan Brown and Danielle Steele. May emerge cold and brain dead. 

Danielle Steele

7 thoughts on ““My food bowl is only half-full. This might be my last entry.”

  1. My dear girl….get a Kindle; load that puppy up with YOUR genres and read till your hearts content! Sorry no advice on the cold, I’m still miserable from all the wet and cold on our RV trip in northern OR and WA. Hang in there, we’re all waiting for the next installment. In fact a friend of ours is planning to be a full timer next year, I’m going to give him your blog address. Teach that boy a thing or two! :0)

  2. Karel, perhaps a few nights stay at a nice hotel would cheer you up! Warm room, hot water and fluffy bed. Eat some good food that someone cooks… and don’t forget the adult beverages! ~ Deanna

  3. Oh, Karel, where are you~~and where art thou heading? Expecting news of
    a new Smart Car. I’m not sure how smart that smart car was. When it felt itself slipping
    away, it might have triggered a latching device that could catch hold of your
    camper then blare the horn to draw your attention to the crisis. Smart it’s not, but you
    do need to replace it. How’s your book coming? You are going to have your updates
    from the road published~~yes? Take care. Nancy

I love hearing from you. It makes me feel as if I'm traveling with friends.

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