And the winner is . . .

Remember the contest from the Buyer Beware post? Well, here are the winning answers, submitted by none other than one of my exceptionally bright cousins, Cousin A

TT playground

Q1. Can you identify this structure?
A ” jungle gym” with slide imported from the San Diego Zoo chimp enclosure. Guaranteed to delight all wildlife in the area.


TT active adults shownQ2. Is this couple staying here?
Certainly. They are enjoying the aerobics program before their spa massage.


Q3 Is this man staying here?
Of course. He’s the security guard, and doubles as groundskeeper.


TT RR familyQ4. Is this family staying here.
No, they are fleeing to the nearest Hyatt.


TT RR picnic tableQ5. Explain how you would sit at this picnic table.
It’s deliberately positions that way for anyone dining on “sliders.” 

One thought on “And the winner is . . .

  1. I finally won something! Isn’t this exciting? And the prize is a trip to London? Wow, Karel. You’re the best.
    Cousin A

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