The Usual Questions

Where am I? Oakland, CA, staying with my brother and sister-in-law.

Why? I’m having work done on my RV so that I can tow the Smartcar.

What Smartcar? I purchased a used Smartcar to tow behind my RV. I found it was difficult to get to places such as grocery stores — let alone museums — from campsites.

How’s that working for you? Too early to tell. Ask me in a fewMe in Ferrari weeks.

What else is new?  I visited friends in Marin County (the Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County) and felt as if I was spending time at a resort/spa. For example, when I visited the bathroom in the middle of the night I didn’t need to climb down a ladder. Also, while showering, I could keep the water on the entire time.

Anything else? I rode in a Ferrari. Also, I had my hair cut really short. I mean really short.

Me in Ferrari

Why? My friend the Urban Legend (rich widow) kept her late husband’s Ferrari. Oh you mean my hair? Because I’m camping. All the time. Also, this way I can wash my hair quickly. See reference to turning shower water off, above.

Will you be posting a photo of your new haircut? Yes, just as soon as it hair grows out a bit.

Will you posting more blogs soon? Absolutely. Lots to write about.

7 thoughts on “The Usual Questions

  1. A new learning experience is on the horizon, I see! Just make sure to always look twice when backing up – oh my; the thought just scares me.

  2. Karel~~thanks for the update. I bet your hair looks adorable!
    Keep writing. I Love Lucy had nothing on you. You must post
    a picture of you in your moveable home & towing your smart car.
    You truly are a clever writer. Nancy A.

I love hearing from you. It makes me feel as if I'm traveling with friends.

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