A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I find myself in Cloverdale, California, at a campsite in full sun when the daytime temperature is expected to reach 90 degrees F. I am situated here by request. Why? Well actually I had perfectly logical reason. Unfortunately, my logic is of sync.

The logical reason: When Cousin #3 and I camped in Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite, we made sure to situate the RV in the shade. We did such a good job of finding shade that the solar panels did not fully re-charge. Plus we were cold. How were we to know to expect autumn temperatures in August and overnight frost?

In turn, the logical reason we sought shade in Tuolumne was because we came from a campsite in the Groveland area that was in the high 90s with nary a tree in sight.

Why it's not advisable to base current decisions on past experiences.

Why it’s not advisable to base current decisions on past experiences.

Then there’s Lake Tahoe, where virtually every day we were warned of an 80% chance of thunder showers. Day 1 passed. No rain. Day 2 passed. No rain. Come day 3, when we were dressed in shorts, t-shirts and sandals, guess what happened? Yep. The temperature plunged and the thundershowers – with hail – arrived.


The next day, however, we were prepared. We wore long pants, hiking boots and waterproof jackets. I even carried my new pair of raglan wool gloves, purchased immediately after the cold of Yosemite. The weather that day? If you guessed hot and humid, you’re right.

Note to self: Make arrangements based on the projected current situation rather than in reaction to the last experience. In reviewing this guideline, it occurs to me that it has applications well beyond that of camping!

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    • Hi Karen: I really appreciate your replies. I feel like I’m in the wilderness talking to myself! (But please do NOT feel obligated to always leave a comment.)

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