Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me A Mercedes-Benz


Size pretty much to scale!

Size pretty much to scale!

Many of my followers (2 out of 4) have asked me to provide details about my RV so they can visualize the perch from which I issue curses. I am the proud owner of a 2006 Winnebago View 23H, whose interior apparently shrunk by about 2/3 once I took possession. I didn’t downsize as much as miniaturize. Fortunately, I’ve been steadily reducing the size of my homes and the number of my possessions since 2001 YOD (Year of the Divorce).  Some might call this going steadily downhill, but I prefer to think of it as simplifying my life.

Winnebago introduced the 24-foot View in 2006, noting that, “You know you’ve found a motor home like no other. Whether it’s the exterior styling, cab, lounge or galley, you’ll see innovations that maximize function and style at every turn.” If you want to read more really good copywriting and see additional photos that are basically to scale, go to http://www.winnebagoind.com/products/archive/2006/winnebago/view.html.

My Mercedes-Benz claim relates to the 2.7 liter diesel engine. But unless I drive around with the hood open (a mistake I haven’t made yet, but hey, I’m still new at this), the View displays the Dodge logo.

The one area of the RV that the Winnebago site mysteriously omits relates to sleeping. Virtually all RVs claim to sleep 6, including mine. The adverb I’ve never seen though is “comfortably.”  I sleep in the area over the cab (I call it “The Loft”), which is larger than a twin bed but smaller than a double. It is indeed comfortable – for one person.  The couch in the “Lounge” (Winnebago’s description) folds out and is considered a sleeping area. The dinette can be tortured into a sleeping configuration suitable for two children under the age of four as long as they’re on the small side.

I access The Loft using a step ladder and given my lack of grace I have added grips to the ceiling. That way when I fall I can break my wrists in addition to my legs. I’ve also added a foam memory pad, reducing the headroom from about a spacious 6 inches to a more limited 4 inches. I run into problems only when I lift up my head to locate a blanket. Luckily, the ceiling is well padded and this only occurs once every night. I really need to get a curtain to block off the view into the interior because when I descend The Loft I do so by sliding on my stomach, concentrating on finding the ladder and my balance. My nightgown tends to bunch up and the further my feet go down, the further my nightgown goes up. Anyone in the vicinity of the Dodge logo would see my nether regions – no doubt a shock to the system of innocent passers-by.  

One other area I want to comment on it the bathroom. It’s relatively large for an RV, which probably explains why it’s prominently displayed upon entering. Call me fastidious, but I don’t care for the direct view to the toilet. I’ve hung a white shear curtain to obscure the view rather than close the pocket door (in washed maple!) because the bathroom skylight and window let in a lot of light.

Any day now I’ll leave Topanga Canyon (long story) and hit the road so I can provide my impressions of “cab doors that open nearly 90 degrees” and the “remarkably quiet” 5-cylinder turbo-diesel.

3 thoughts on “Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me A Mercedes-Benz

  1. What a good looking home you have! Very pleasant and comfortable. Not sure about sleeping in the loft. It would never work for me as I visit the bathroom several times each night. Loved your description of how you look sliding out of your loft! I can see that!
    You didn’t mention if you are pulling a vehicle? Are you taking a bicycle? Lots of questions still.
    Until the next blog….
    Love, Karen

    • How to get around the cities I want to visit is under advisement. I’ve looked into buying a Smart Car to tow, but I’m having sufficient challenges just driving the RV. Plus my son has voiced violent objections to my towing anything. Also considering signing up for the Zip car program, but then need to figure out where to park the RV when I pick up the Zip car. Can’t ride a bike because of my knee. Sigh. I figure I’ll figure something out when the time comes. Any suggestions?

  2. Deanna told me about your trip. I’m planning one next year and am going to be an avid reader of your adventure. Best of luck to you with traffic and crazy drivers. Be safe and don’t let the bast****s get you down!

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