First Challenge Overcome

stock-photo-13308451-colored-plastic-hookI have assured myself that I’m latently mechanically inclined. All I need is the opportunity to develop my skills, which owning and driving an RV most assuredly will provide. This theory did not get off to a good start when, upon my first morning the RV, I could not figure out how to raise the shade. (Place hand under bottom and push up.)

Nor did my inability to hang plastic hooks do anything to reinforce my heretofore untested belief in myself. Try as I might to follow the instructions, I could not figure out what was meant by “slipping” the hook onto the flimsy adhesive. Convinced this step was not strictly necessary, I pressed the sticky part onto the wall, placed the hook up again the sticky part, pressed hard, and waited a good half-hour before placing my keys on the hook. Only to be woken in the middle of the night by the sound of something crashing to the floor. As soon as I asked the logical question, “What was THAT?” the answer came to me. I turned over and returned to sleep.

The next day I purchased a wooden plaque with four metal hooks and had my mechanic affix it to the wall with screws.

Problem solved.

One thought on “First Challenge Overcome

  1. Hi Karel,
    Loved reading your first two entries and look forward to many many more! I, for one, understand completely the stiff learning curve you are experiencing. I will never forget my first few weeks as I struggled to master the skills to independently operate my new home/car! You did the ‘one two three’ thing. I did the “others have done this and you can too!’

    Lots of questions. How long is your RV? What did you do with you car? Maybe you are towing it??? Where have you stayed overnights? When will you post some photos – especially of your RV? Have you emptied your black water yet? How are you liking it so far? What have you named your RV?

    I named my RV, Van. Van was the new man in my life. He kept me warm and snug at night, he participated in my adventures, he carried me through busy traffic and along less traveled roads, he was my protector. Van was good for me!

    So exciting! I will love your blogs and sharing your adventures with you.
    P.S. Nice Blog Site.

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